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Meads Mountain Road South


Challenging double digit climb out of historic Woodstock.

Page Contributor(s): Ties Ards, Bussum, Netherlands

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Climb Summary

Ride Summary

Another incredible Catskills climb.  This one is out of historic Woodstock (at least if you are of “our” generation - i.e. GO - Generation Old!).  At AT 10.7% average grade over 2 miles, it is one of several in this area that are double digits for around the 2 mile mark - this is a great climbing area.  One can link many of these climbs together in the Catskills to create one heck of a climbing adventure  (e.g. Doug Jansen’s “Catskills Climb Fest” of 14,000’).

Ken and Sarah Marsh Roberts’ excellent website - Roberts Website -  Hudson Valley climbing page.  

The big climb out of Woodstock, NY -- interesting curves and slight variations in steepness. Almost 1200 vertical feet going north starting from the center of Woodstock, or around 1100 vertical feet of climbing in around 2 miles distance starting from the intersection with Glasco Turnpike.  Much of it is at a steepness grade over 11%, including 400 vertical feet around 13% grade. [not checked by us since 2010] [ see Map ]

(steepness grade checked with two runs by GPS with barometric altimeter in 2008)

Directions: Start at the center of Woodstock on Route 212 in Ulster County, take Rock City Rd north to Glasco Turnpike, and continue straight across onto Meads Mountain Road.

For a descent less steep than going back down the same way, can continue north over the top and then west about 2.5 miles down to route 212, and from there it's around another 3.5 miles (with a choice of two different routes) back to start of the climb.