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Devils Kitchen


It's not called the Devil's Kitchen for nothing!

Page Contributor(s): Ties Arts, Bussum, Netherlands

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary by Ties Arts

Of Bussum, Netherlands


Cycling Devil’s Kitchen

Ride 1.9 miles gaining 1,084’ at 10.6% average grade.

The Platte Cove Climb ends .6 miles past the Devil’s Kitchen finish (they overlap 1.9 miles)

This climb is short but brutal throughout . . .

¼ mile at 15% and ½ mile at 13.5%

Another great climb in the Catskills, Devil’s Kitchen is the name of the area where this great bike climb ends.  The name Devil’s Kitchen is said to originate from a grouping of boulders at the bottom of the gorge near the site that are said to be the kitchenware of the devil.  This area is also considered by many who camp there to be eerie at night and is included in the book of Haunted Places in New York by Sean Mosley.  Hiking and ice climbing are also popular activities in the 208 acre Platte Clove Preserve that we ride through on this ascent:

“Located in the northeastern Catskills, the Catskill Center's Platte Clove Preserve is comprised of 208 acres with beautiful waterfalls and trails at the head of the rugged and scenic Platte Clove in the Town of Hunter, Greene County.  The preserve remains a pristine wilderness area open for the quiet enjoyment of our members and the public.  Each year at the preserve's small red cabin we host several artists during the summer season for our Artist in Residence program”  (Platte Clove Preserve).

Photos are from Catskill Center.

From Ties’ 2016 US Climb Trip:

This was our first climb of the day. We knew the reputation of steepness and toughness.

This climb, with a 10.9% average gradient, requires a ‘can do mentality”.  Hard work with sections of 13-20% will certainly challenge you to find your rhythm. There is only one real hairpin in the route, so it is steep going straight through the woods going up and up and up.

The entire climb is through the woods, though a short section is open and shows how unique and magnificent the Catskill mountains are.

The reputation of Devils Kitchen is fair, and definitely a must-ride if you are going to the Catskills mountains.