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Passo della Forcella


Second most difficult climb in Italy and #8 world.

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Climb Summary

Bicyclist riding past 28% road sign on Passo della Forcella

 The fourth most difficult climb in Italy

Road sign at km 2.7

Whoa - go west out of Ovara (instead east to the mighty Zoncolan) and you quickly encounter what is rightly one of the Top 10 most difficult road bike climbs in the world.  Passo della Forcella is an extremely steep climb from start to finish. There are many tornanti that are so tight and incredibly steep that it was very difficult and somewhat dangerous (particularly in the wet conditions we encountered on our day up the mountain) to get our mid-sized rental car up.  Thus, we do not recommend you have anyone accompany you via automobile when you climb this beast unless their vehicle is short, narrow and four wheel drive.

Cycling Passo della Forcella - hairpin turn     

One of the more tame hairpins.

This is the second most difficult climb in Italy and a top 10 world climb at #8.  This cycling climb out of Ovaro in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy is an exceptionally difficult climb.  After passing through two quaint villages, the climb begins in earnest with grades in several segments well exceeding 20%.

Cyclist on bike riding past farm building on Passo della Forcella

Just getting started - SS 465 - 700 m from the start.

Climbing Passo della Forcella by bike - Italian Alps - Village of Mione

Ride through village of Mione at km 2.3

Bicycle ride on Passo della Forcella - cyclist coming up steep road with Italian Alps in background 

Climbing Passo della Focella by bike - view of Italian Alps.

Passo della Forcella is located in the Carnic Alps, a subrange of the Italian Alps.

 Its final couple of kilometers are paved with cement with ridges for traction due to its extreme grades and likely freezing/snow conditions during the winter months.

Our view within 1 km from the top 


Bike climb Passo della Forcella - cement roadway near top

 Climbing Passo della Forcella by bike - cement roadway at end. 

Brad on his way to his 8th of his Top 10 World’s Top Road Bike Climbs (July, 2018)

 PJAMM cycling Passo della Forcella

Very rugged descent.

Steepest kilometer starts at km 8.5 (20.9% - NO TYPO there!!)

Roadway surface and traffic conditions:  We encountered 2 cars in 2 hours on this climb - there are no structures in the last ½ of the climb and nothing at the top to speak of.  The roadway is one lane but in good shape.  Regardless, we recommend against any vehicle support or accompaniment on the climb, particularly if you have a vehicle bigger than a compact and without four wheel drive.