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Crystal Heights


Wilshire-Crystal-Heights Roads is a progressively steeper climb ending at 20%

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

This climb begins at the intersection of Riebli and Wilshire Roads in a rural easterly part of Santa Rosa, CA.  The climb starts gradually (2.4% for the first .75 miles) but ramps up over the remaining mile (11.2% average grade) with one stretch that we believe is the steepest paved section of public road in Sonoma County (20%+) for 1/10th mile beginning around mile 1.15.   This climb does not offer your standard epic Sonoma County views, but it is rural, safe and has a couple of sections that offer as much challenge as you will ever need.

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Roadway surface/Traffic:   The road is in good shape and there is very little traffic throughout the climb.

Note as of 10-9-17 this area was decimated in the Santa Rosa Tubbs fire.