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Fort Ross Road East


Quiet climb out of Cazadero in remote western Sonoma County.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Fort Ross Road East

Ride 9.5 miles gaining 2,165’ at 3% average grade.

Photo:  Mt. St. Helena upper center.

The east side of Fort Ross Road (beginning in Cazadero) is much milder than it's big brother Fort Ross West (#6 on the Tri-County list - 2.4 miles at 10.9% average grade).  The 5.2 mile initial climb is followed by a 1.5 miles 523' descent, followed by roughly 1 mile of flat riding, ending with a 1.4 mile 8.1% punch to the intersection of Meyers Grade and Fort Ross Roads.

Start in Cazadero


 3 options - Fort Ross Road (left), King Ridge (straight), Old Caz (right)

Like so many of the Sonoma West County climbs, we are surrounded by redwood forest and shaded by tree canopy cover nearly the entire climb.  This is a good option for long Sonoma County rides on hot days.  There is a nice, nearly private, loop that begins in Cazadero travelling west on Fort Ross Road and finishes travelling southeast on Kings Ridge back to Cazadero which is plotted here - MAP.  



This climb is highly recommended for its rural and forested charm.  The roadway surface is rough and narrow, but there is very little traffic along the climb - this is a safe ride.   Cazadero, population 350, has a rough deli/market and an AWESOME Bakery - Raymond's Bakery - come for the ride, stay for the danish!  Raymond's is a MUST.




Steepest ¼ mile begins at mile



Peter Sagan (SVK) outsprints the field

Santa Rosa, Stage 1 2012 Tour of California

Photo: Kent Porter / Press Democrat 2012

Fort Ross Road has been featured once in the Tour of California:

  • 2012 Stage 1

That’s a wrap!!