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Hauser Bridge


Part of the wonderful Cazedero-King Ridge-Seaview-Hwy 1 and back to Cazadero loop.

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Climb Summary

This is a short climb that begins at the base of the descent of Hauser Bridge Road from its intersection with King Ridge Road.  King Ridge is the climbing backbone of what many feel is the jewel of Sonoma County cycling, Kings Ridge Road and is included in Levi's Gran Fondo (circa 2003), an extremely popular and well run wine country century held in September each year and attended by 7,500 riders, give or take.

A very pleasant loop that exposes us to all that Sonoma County has to offer runs from Cazadero-Kings Ridge-Hauser Bridge-Seaview-Timber Cove-Hwy 1-Fort Ross Road (Map and displayed at the bottom of this page).

Note - The descent to Hauser Bridge from Kings Ridge/Tin Bar Roads is extremely hazardous and caution is mandatory - tight turns, steep grade, gravel, shade/sun transitions and Hauser Bridge with its corrugated iron surface are a treacherous combination.


Supplies:  This is remote cycling - there are minimal spots for supplies along this ride and the loop noted above.  There are supplies at the Cazadero General Store, and at the Fort Ross Store on Hwy 1 at mile 26.5.   Start at Raymond's Bakery one mile south of Cazadero to fuel up, and grab a deli sandwich at the Caz General Store at the end of the ride - trust us - you can not go wrong with that plan!

That’s a wrap!!