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Ida Clayton Road


A top local climb past beautiful vineyards with some of the best views of Mt. St. Helena around.

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Climb Summary


Mt. St. Helena as seen from the three mile mark on Ida Clayton Road

Aerial Drone sphere photo of pond, hillside vineyards and Mt. St. Helena.

Ida Clayton Road is left of photo.


Drone footage from Highway 128 and Ida Clayton Road.

This climb ranks #5 on the Sonoma-Napa-Lake Tri-County Top 25 list with Fiets Index of 4.65.  The Ida Clayton Road climb is very scenic, with what we believe to be the best of Mount St. Helena to be found anywhere in the North Bay.  There are also extraordinary views of hillside vineyards along the middle of the climb as well as the gorgeous Knight’s Valley to the south.  


Start of climb.


View back towards the Knights Valley about two miles up the climb.


Mount St. Helena is in our sights much of the climb.


View south of Ida Clayton Road snaking up the mountain.

Aerial drone video from three mile mark of Ida Clayton Road. 

Roadway Surface and Traffic Report:  The roadway is in poor condition which is not a problem ascending, but be cautious on the descent as there are potholes, fast approaching steep sharp turns, gravel, sun/shade spots making visibility treacherous at certain times of the day.  Traffic over the entire climb is negligible. ​