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Joy Road


2 extremely steep grades on this segment between Bodega Highway and Occidental

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

This climb is a nice cut-off from Bodega Hwy to Occidental or Coleman Valley Road and offers a nearly private, albeit brief, Sonoma County climb.  The first .75 miles off of Bodega Hwy are surrounded by pasture land and mild grade.  

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At approximately mile .75 the road pitches up for 4/10's of a mile to 11.8%.  A second pitch of  1/2 mile greets us at mile 1.6 and averages 10.4%.  Other than those two significant segments, the climb is mild and always quiet and scenic.

Roadway surface/Traffic:  The roadway is in moderately good condition with no shoulder (at points it is more of a wide single lane) but minimal traffic.