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Lichau Road


Quiet and steep climb off Petaluma Hill Road near Rohnert Park

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Climb Summary

Cycling Lichau Road, Sonoma County, California.

Ride three miles gaining 1,310’ at 8.4% average grade.

Lichau Road (pronounced Leech-Ow) is a little known cycling treat in Sonoma  County.  Located off Roberts Road near Sonoma State University, Lichau can be included in a nice loop beginning in Santa Rosa that includes some great climbs and scenery (Map ​and includes Cavedale Road).


Lichau Road has a section known as "Gravity Hill" because down is up and up is down (essentially, this is caused by an optical illusion).  Watch the slideshow with a photo of an apparent descent, that is actually a 1.7% ascent to see for yourself.  This climb offers views of open fields, some vineyards, and Rohnert Park/Cotati to the west.

Lower section of climb.

Middle segment.

Upper part of the climb.

Marin County and Mt. Tam can be seen to the south, Mt. St Helena to the north, and wildflowers, moss-covered oaks, and a tree covered single-lane road towards the top.  


View of Mt. Tam.

from Lichau 2.JPG

View of Mt. St. Helena.

Traffic and Roadway Surface Report:  The roadway is in good shape and is two lanes for th  first half of the ride, and turns to single-lane and is rougher towards the top.  There is mild traffic for the first couple miles but very little the last mile.  There are ruts and loose gravel at the top, so caution descending is advised.

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