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Los Alamos Road - back side


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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

 Front side Los Alamos ranks 25th on the Tri-County Top Climbs list with Fiets  Index of 2.74 (backside is #45, although it is much harder than that - it ranks low  due only to its minimal length, not lack of heart, for sure). The  climb begins within  the Santa Rosa city limits and is a favorite of local  riders/climbers.  No vineyard  views along this route, but it  has canyon, pasture and wild oak scenery and is  a fairly steady climb for  3.5 miles at 7.1% average grade - a good work out.  

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Yep - winding road / The Wall on the right    

The Up-and-Over (front and back side of LA map) bags you just about 2,000' of  climbing in about 9 miles - a very efficient route.

The backside is possibly the best  repeat segment in Sonoma County what with its nearly private smooth and steep 1.2  mile segment.

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Traffic/Roadway surface:  There is moderate traffic along this rural narrow two  lane roadway.  As with many rural Sonoma County roads, it is rough, potted and  has sections with loose gravel (more during the winter months when there are  the  invariable slides along the route).

Cyclists welcome . . .  but . . .