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Old Cazadero Road (Old Caz)


A bit of gravel but manageable on road bike - must forge creek.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Old Cazadero Road - cyclist riding past road sign

Cycling Old Cazadero Road, Guerneville, Sonoma County, CA

Ride 3.3 miles gaining 984’ at 5.2% average grade.

Old Caz is a rural West Sonoma County Road that is paved coming from Guerneville, but dirt, gravel and pine needles on its back side.  A nice loop (cross bike recommended) is to begin in Duncan Mills and ride 23.8 miles (2,476’) from Duncan Mills to Monte Rio onto Old Caz Road (gravel much of the way and cross East Austin Creek at mile 14) to Cazadero then back to Duncan Mills (Map). It is recommended this ride be done during the summar as it is much easier to cross Austin Creek when the water flow is much lower.

     Bike climb Old Cazadero Road  - bike leaning against road sign

Access the climb on Old Cazadero Road off Hwy 116, Guerneville

Bike climb Old Cazadero Road  - road and signs

Clmbing Old Cazadero Road  by bike - start of climb - road sign, roadway, redwood trees



The road is very narrow and a bit rough - descent is tough, ascent fine.

Cycling Old Cazadero Road  - bike leaning against barriers near the end

.2 miles from the finish

Climbing Old Cazadero Road  by bike - PJAMM Cycling John Johnson with bike at finish


Bike race Old Cazadero Road  - cyclist climbing steep portion of road.

Grasshopper race

Grasshopper Adventure Series

This is a short but rugged climb at 9.9% average grade.  The roadway is very narrow, but traffic is scarce.  Kings Ridge can also be included in this loop if one is up for a more stout climbing day.