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Pine Mountain Road


Little known scenic and challenging climb in northern Sonoma County.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Pine Mountain, Sonoma County, California

Ride 4.9 miles gaining 2,020’ at 7.4% average grade.

This is a very scenic and challenging climb in northern Sonoma County beginning at the eastern edge of Cloverdale. Though it’s beautiful year round, we recommend it most highly in the springtime.  The most difficult section of the climb comes at the beginning (first mile at 11% and the first 2½ miles are 9.1%).  The Pine Mountain climb is ranked #7 in Sonoma County.


During the summer, the temperatures in this area can approach and exceed 100 degrees, so beware of the weather.  This is a private, peaceful, challenging climb surrounded by oaks and forest most of the route, but also affording some gorgeous views of the northern Alexander Valley and Cloverdale area. Alexander Valley is a renowned wine growing area within Sonoma Wine Country.

Supplies:  The town of Cloverdale is just a few miles from the start of this climb and all supplies necessary for the ride are available there.

View of Geysers Road and Sulphur Canyon from about two miles up the climb. 

Roadway Surface and Traffic Report:  The roadway is in poor condition which is not a problem ascending, but be cautious on the descent as there are potholes, fast approaching steep sharp turns, gravel, shade, and during our most recent ride, wild boar (see video). The road is very narrow with no bike lane (this is essentially a wide one lane road).  Traffic over the entire climb is negligible. ​


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