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Rancheria Wall


The Wall! One of the steepest Sonoma County climbs in one of its remotest locations.

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Climb Summary

This is a remote climb along an unsupported stretch in the far reaches of  northwestern Sonoma County.   “The Wall”, as it is known to locals, is the third steepest climb on the Sonoma/Napa/Lake climb list, just 1/10 % behind the legendary Oakville Grade in Napa (the shades of the elevation grid, below, tell the tale like  few others you will see).  This climb is the third and final in a series of challenging  climbs travelling  eastbound on Skaggs Springs/Stewarts Point Roads from Lake Sonoma.


Start of THE WALL

30 miles into the Skaggs-Stewarts Point ride.

A mere 1.3 miles . . . but . . .

12.5% average grade + steepest ¼ mile = 16%!  😓


. . . or rot in the wilderness 👍👍


This is an infamous obstacle at mile 139 of the extremely challenging Santa  Rosa  Cycling Club's “Terrible Two” (a 16,000' climb double century held on the third  Saturday of June each year).  A very good "training" route is Warm Springs Dam  to Stewart's Point  and back (RideWithGPS Route ; Climb Page) , but be sure to  take plenty of provisions as  there are no supplies (other than water at Camp  Liahona at mile 27.5 and Kashia  Elementary School at the top of The Wall at mile  31.5) between the dam and Stewart's Point.  



Generally we begin at Lake Sonoma -

30 miles ant 4400’ of climbing from start of Rancheria Wall.


Finish of the first of 2 climbs on the way to Rancheria Wall

 Mt. St. Helena in the background photo center top.

Aerial drone photo.

Start just past the bridge over Warm Springs Creek at mile 12 - 18 miles to Rancheria Wall from here.

Climb is 2.8 miles gaining 1,070’ at 6.8% average grade.


Footbridge at Camp Liahona Redwoods (2 miles east ofThe Wall))

Annapolis Bridge - 200 yards before start of Rancheria Wall

Roadway surface/Traffic:  The roadway is in moderately decent condition and  there is  very little traffic in this area.  Care should be used for the descent as the  road is extremely  steep with several sharp curves on the way down.