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Top climb in Switzerland has it all - vineyards, canyon, cool old tunnels, dramatic mountain views and a Glacier on top!

Page Contributor(s): Ard Oostra, Switzerland.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland - Sanetsch glacier

Cycling Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland

Ride 24.3 kilometers gaining 1,885 meters at 6.5% average grade.

Cycling Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland - photo collage, Swiss countryside, Swiss alps, switchbacks up mountain side, Sanetsch Glacier, old church building with steeple, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner

Cycling Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland - swiss alps, swiss countryside, Sanetsch glacier, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner

How many times do you get to do a Top 100 World Climb and end at the foot of a glacier?

Cycling Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland - Swiss alps town of Chalais, swiss countryside, cream colored roses 

Our climb begins in Chalais (population as of 2018 3,524), Canton of Valais.

The climb begins in Chalais and initially winds its way through many lovely hillside vineyards up to and through several villages and communities until moving above treeline at mile 13 (6,500’) and offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, and ends at Tsanfleuron Glacier.

Cycling Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland - Swiss alps town of Chalais, road sides for Mayens-de-Conthey, Dechetterie de Beusson, Sanetsch Pass

Cycling Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland - road sign for Sensine, swiss alps, road cut into rocky mountainside, cyclists on one-lane roadway

This is one of several top Swiss HC bike climbs in the Rhone Valley Top Bike Climb Area.  This is the top bike climbing area in the world as it contains more Top 100 World Bike Climbs (7) than any other area.

Cycling Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland - Swiss Alps, Swiss Chalets, switchbacks leading up mountainside, pastureland with cattle grazing, waterfalls

The middle portion of the route has a lot of pasture land, some waterfalls, and many grazing cows.

Cycling Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland - switchback on mountainside, Swiss Alps

This is a tough climb at 23 kilometers (14.3 miles), with 2 kilometers (1.3 miles) averaging over 10%.

Cycling Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland - Swiss Alps in late summer, brown pastureland

Views along upper portion of climb during late summer.

 There is a 900 meter tunnel beginning at km 21, so bring lights.

Cycling Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland - tunnel in swiss alps

We encounter a couple tunnels tunnels near the top so be sure to bring at least tail lights -- we are also above treeline by the time we enter the tunnels, and there are breathtaking views of distant and dramatic mountains along this segment of the climb.

Cycling Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland - inside of tunnel in swiss alps

Cycling Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland - bike parked on cliffside overlooking swiss alps

Cycling Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland - swiss countryside with swiss alps in background, Le Sérac (part of the Wildhorn massif)

Le Sérac (part of the Wildhorn massif) to your right near the finish.

Cycling Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland - climb finish at Sanetsch Glacier, PJAMM cyclist John Johnson standing with bike at top of climb, visitor center

Finish at the Sanetsch Glacier.

Cycling Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland - Auberge du Sanetsch and Lac de Sanetsch just past climb finish

Auberge du Sanetsch and Lac de Sanetsch is 2 kilometers past the finish. 

Cycling Sanetsch Pass, Switzerland - swiss flag on top of flat point on swiss alps