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Summit Avenue


One of the steepest roads in Sonoma County

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary


WOW – and, we don’t write that very often!  This is a scorcher, no doubt about it.    Short, stout, brutal, murderous!!  This is (along with Cougar Lane in Santa Rosa  which is a private road) the steepest paved public road in Sonoma County that we  have ever encountered.  Pitches hit 27% according to our Garmin and it feels that  way – we had to stand and really mash the ring to get up the 1/10 mile major pitch – with a  30t, by the way!  If you want to test your Super-Steep-Kick-Butt-Pitch ability – take  this, because it’s The One!  

DSC01877.JPG     DSC01903.JPG
Note the MapMyRide elevation grid below and its 1/10th mile of 23-27% pitch;  a ​​ very rare elevation profile.

Traffic/Roadway Surface:  The roadway is very  narrow (a true one-laner), but    the "speed" limit is 5 mph, so we are safe on this monster - even the cars have a go  of it getting up the thing.