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Trinity Grade


A Sonoma County favorite and most direct route over the Mayacamas Mountains to Napa.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Sonoma County - Trinity Road - pjamm cyclist at finish - fire station

Volunteer Firehouse is the finish of the Trinity West climb.

Trinity West

 Trinity West ranks #12 on the Tri-County Top 25 list with Fiets Index of 3.67. This is a favorite climb for local cyclists and is one of the few connectors between Napa and Sonoma Counties.  The views are not spectacular, but the climb is challenging and generally a steady 6-10% from start to finish.   The finish of this climb is at the intersection of Cavedale and Trinity Roads at the Mayacamas Volunteer Fire Station where there is normally water and a cycling pump - it is "cyclist friendly." [Thank you MVFD!].

Cycling Sonoma County - Trinity Road - aerial drone view of Sonoma Valley

Start is just east of Hwy 12

Cycling Sonoma County - Trinity Road - road signs at start of climb

Fair warning . . .


. . . but . . . seems like a bit of overkill . . .

bike climb Cycling Sonoma County - Trinity Road - cyclist riding bike on road past statues

climbing Trinity Road by bike - cyclist on road riding past loose gravel sign

Beware the descent.

One of the most dangerous in the county.

Cycling Sonoma County - Trinity Road - aerial drone view of Sonoma Valley and Mt. Tamalpais.

Aerial drone photo south across Sonoma Valley to Mt. Tam (photo upper middle)


Cycling Trinity Road - finish - cyclist at fire station

Finish at the firehouse.


That’s a wrap!

Dry Creek/Trinity East

Another challenging climb is Dry Creek Road/Trinity Road East (Dry Creek becomes Trinity Road a little over halfway up the climb).  This ascent is almost a match for Trinity Road West (west 2.9 v. east  2.7 miles and 8.8% west v. 8.3% east).  There is more shade on the east side and, apparently because it is in Napa County, the road is a bit smoother.  

Start at the bridge at the bottom of the climb - you will know where the start is, trust us!




2 big hairpins at mile 1.6


Note that Dry Creek / Trinity East does not summit at the same location as Trinity West as the road connects the two endpoints along a relatively flat .6 mile ridge line.  




 Traffic/Roadway surface:  This is a narrow 2 lane road that is very hazardous to descend.  On this descent, riders encounter rough road, gravel, unexpectedly sharp and technical turns on steep grades.  There have been many serious cycling accidents and some rider deaths on this  road over the years.


Trinity Grade has been featured twice in the Tour of California:

  • 2007 Stage 2
  • Santa Rosa to Sacramento (western approach)
  • 95.2 miles, 5,672’
  • Stage winner:  Levi Leipheimer (USA)
  • 2010 Stage 2
  • Davis to Santa Rosa (eastern approach)
  • 111.9 miles, 8,486’
  • Stage winner:  Brett Lancaster (AUS)