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Bohlman Road


Rural climb at the eastern edge of Saratoga.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Bohlman Road, Saratoga, California.

Although a stone’s throw from Silicon Valley,

this area has its share of wilderness.

Ride 4.2 miles gaining 2,006’ at 9% average grade.

This portion of the multi-segmented Bohlman Road Climbs begins at the southwestern edge of the quaint Silicon Valley town of Saratoga.  While we begin in a neighborhood (upscale!), we are quickly into rural and forested surroundings with some views of thousands of acres of open space and state park land to the west.

    bicycle ride Bohlman Road - 2 cyclists on bikes riding up road

The first 1.9 miles at an 11% average grade are shared by multiple Bohlman Road Routes.  The rural nature of the climb is highlighted by the chicken coup towards the end of the ride, and wildlife such as the bobcat we encountered near, you guessed it, the chicken coup! (Warning: we had a mountain lion sighting as of February 23, 2019 -- see below.)

Climbing Bohlman Road by bike - view of Santa Clara Valley through trees

Bike climb up Bohlman Road - street sign at end.


Roadway Surface and Traffic Report:  The roadway is excellent and there is very little traffic along this road, which dead-ends at the end of Bohlman Road.  This is a safe, pleasant and challenging climb.

Bohlman Road Segment:  ​4.2 miles / 1,950' / 7.9% / 5.39 Fiets Index

​Bohlman - On Orbit - Bohlman:   4.3 miles / 1,979' / 7.5% / 5.13 Fiets Index 

Bike climb up Bohlman Road - street sign at end.

An actual mountain lion sighting at the intersection of Bohlman and On Orbit, February 2019.