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Page Contributor(s): Heiko Linnert, Amberg, Germany

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Climb Summary

Cycling the great Trollstigen Road, Rauma Municipality, Norway

Ride 10.5 km gaining 305 m at 7.7% average grade.

This exceptional bike climb is on the very popular, but somewhat cycle-risky, roadway that is very popular with tourists for its surrounding scenery and viewpoints at the top.  During tourist season, roughly 2,500 vehicles climb this road. Due to its narrow width and 11 sharp and steep hairpins, the roadway is off limits to vehicles exceeding 13 meters (43’).

The viewpoints at the end of the climb overlook the road’s hairpins and the 320 meter Stigfossen waterfall.


Bike OR hike!!

21 magnificent hairpins on this bike climb . . and . . .

. . .. the 320 meter Stigfossen waterfall along the way! considers this cycling climb one of the greatest in the world.