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All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Lysebotn

Page Contributor(s): Helmuth Dekkers, Netherlands

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Climb Summary

Lysebotn Climb Summary

File:The road up from Lysebotn.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

 Our friend from Netherlands, Helmuth Dekkers writes:

There is only 1 tunnel! I can confirm that as I cycled  it myself. There are NO other tunnels.
Eventhough the tunnel is lit quite well, I do advise to bring lights and I think it is mandatory to have a light at the front and the rear so you are visible well for cars from the rear and front.

File:The road up from Lysebotn.jpg - Wikimedia Commons 

1 km tunnel begins 2 km from climb start in Lysebotn.

This is an end road from Ovre Sirdal to Lysebotn and hence there is not much traffic to/from Lysebotn.
The other means to reach Lysebotn is by ferry from Stavanger. You will pass the famous Pulpit rock and if you are lucky you can see it from below.

I advise cyclists however to take the road from Ovre Sirdal as it is really a treat to drive through this beautiful landscape.

And the tunnel is a dual carriageway so in that respect you don't have to fear that cars cannot overtake you or for cars coming towards you when cycling through the tunnel.

I have cycled other tunnels in Norway and then this tunnel is not a problem for cyclists. There is also no sign that cyclists are prohibited like I have seen for other tunnels in Norway (see below for one of the tunnels in the Hardangervidda climb in Norway from
Eidfjord to Dyranut).).

File:The road up from Lysebotn.jpg - Wikimedia Commons 

Example of tunnel where cyclists are prohibited (sign highlighted at  right of photos)

So I really do not see the need to start after the tunnel (This would imply btw you would need to park at Restaurant Øygardstølen and then descent to the tunnel and go up again. You will miss 3km of the ascent at 6.37%!

Last but not least, you are not only near to the famous Pulpit Rock but also near to:
- Kjerag 

- Kjerag Bolten (5 hour hike including return) 
 We did it! Awesome :-) See picture.

“Kjeragbolten is a boulder located on the mountain Kjerag in Forsand municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. The rock itself is a 5-cubic-metre (180 cu ft) glacial deposit wedged in the mountain's crevasse. It is a popular tourist destination and is accessible without any climbing equipment. However, it is suspended above a 984-metre (3,228 ft) deep abyss. It is also a popular site for BASE jumping. The boulder is located just southwest of the village of Lysebotn, just south of the Lysefjorden.”  Wikipedia - Kjeragbolten


Helmuth and Patricia on Kjeragbolten - aaagghhhhh . . .

- Nesatind.
 Can be combined with hike to Kjerabolten. 
 Did this one too. Almost as good as Kjeragbolten. See picture.

These are well worth to list as they are definitely worth the detour.
Start of the hikes is at Restaurant Øygardstølen