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Mont Megantic


Top bike climb in Quebec.

Page Contributor(s): Lynn Sugden, Sherwood Park, AB

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Climb Summary

Cyclingt Mont-Mégantic, the highest paved road in Quebec

Ride 9.4 kilometers gaining 614 meters at 6.5% average grade.

This is a challenging climb in southern Quebec (just 15 kilometers north of the US border (Maine and Vermont).

True statement!

There is a ½ kilometer segment that averages 14.5%

Our good Canadian friend and contributor  Lynn Sugden writes:  In answer to "do you also consider this the hardest climb in Quebec?" the answer is yes when considering it is recognized by the UCI and has a reputation based on the pros that have won during the Tour de Beauce.  My personal experience leads me to 4 kilometers from hell approximately 100 kms NE of Québec City.  It is a climb on the Route du Lac Trois Saumons passing by the SW tip of Lac Trois Saumons. There are a couple of ramps greater than 20%.  (I had to twice do a circle to build up enough speed to continue up the hill.  But, I did not get off my bike!  As stupid as that is for an old man.)  The hill starts at 47.124188 : -70.2304533 and ends at 47.1079841 : -70.2170406 .  Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the climb.  When you are up to your arse in alligators (viz climbing +20%), you forget that you were supposed to drain the swamp (viz take photos).  I can clip the gpx file for this climb from the day's ride if you want it.  Bye the bye the ride in the St Lawrence River valley before and after the climb is excellent.

Climb ends at Mont-Mégantic Observatory

Photo:  Jean-Pierre Guillet

Mont-Mégantic is commonly included in the Tour de Beauce (a professional 5 day stage race held each June in the Beauce region of Quebec).  The race has been held each year since 1986 with Levi Leipheimer being the most notable champion (1998; his 1999 victory was stricken).

Canada’s Matteo Dal-Cin's summit victory on Mont-Mégantic

 Stage 2 of the 32nd Tour de Beauce