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Mont Megantic


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Page Contributor(s): Lynn Sugden, Sherwood Park, AB

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Climb Summary

Cyclingt Mont-Mégantic, the highest paved road in Quebec

Ride 9.4 kilometers gaining 614 meters at 6.5% average grade.

This is a challenging climb in southern Quebec (just 15 kilometers north of the US border (Maine and Vermont).

True statement!

There is a ½ kilometer segment that averages 14.5%

Climb ends at Mont-Mégantic Observatory

Photo:  Jean-Pierre Guillet

Mont-Mégantic is commonly included in the Tour de Beauce (a professional 5 day stage race held each June in the Beauce region of Quebec).  The race has been held each year since 1986 with Levi Leipheimer being the most notable champion (1998; his 1999 victory was stricken).

Canada’s Matteo Dal-Cin's summit victory on Mont-Mégantic

 Stage 2 of the 32nd Tour de Beauce