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Climb Summary

Cycling Bolton Valley Road

Ride 4.2 miles gaining 1,800’ at 8% average grade.

Don’t let the 8% fool you!  While 8% is a health grade by itself, this climb is very similarly to Powder Mountain in Utah and has some extremely steep segments that approach 20%.  Steepest quarter mile segment is 15.2% and there is a full mile at 12.1% average grade.

Climb begins at the T intersection of Bolton Valley Road and I 89.

Contributed by PJAMM’s James Young, Toronto, Canada

This is a climb of two personalities.  It starts sloping up right away and announces its presence with authority but then it eases off as quickly as it started but as soon as you figure you have this one bagged it returns with some quad busting slopes.  

At the base there is parking in a very small gravel parking lot otherwise there is a school just few hundred feet to the east.  The climb starts with a sweeper to the right and  you are climbing right away.  The first 2 1/2 wish miles is “ok” with some slopes but no real big time effort.  It is that feeling that “this isn’t so tough…”.  Then the “steep slope” sign appears and that sign doesn’t lie.  From here it is full on steep climbing until the finish at the ski station.  Paper boy riding…..There are lots of twists and turns on this bad boy and lush tree lined all the way.  The road surface is good although not great. The views are so spectacular you will want to take it easy on the descent anyways.

The Skinny:

Road surface:  good to very good. Traffic:  Minimal….not an issue Beauty:  Some outstanding views on the way down….. Tree Coverage:  Solid throughout

Descent: OK…twisty and some rough areas so careful… Ease of ride amenities:  Ample parking but no retail at the base

That’s a wrap!!