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Villas Pico


The toughest road bike climb in Mexico.

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary


Steepest kilometer starts at km 22.1 (15.9%)

 Mexico is 1,964,247 square kilometers (758,400 square miles).  Villas Pico is the most difficult climb in Mexico and #20 in the world.

We have confirmed with several Strava members who have ridden this climb that it can be done on a road bike:

Iron S - Good Morning! If you can climb with any bicycle with changes is totally paved except the last 300 mts that are with terraeria all the way the path is 100% ascent   . . did with my hybrid racing bike

Gonzalo Rodriguez Alaniz - Hi mtb Belfort lyon 1 x 11, if this asphalted, there is only one section of terraceria, 400 m. When you have an opportunity, let's go the wonderful route.

David Torres -  in total asphalted the road if you could climb with a road but I prefer the mtb


Villas Pico de Orizaba Es momento de Vivir  YouTube summary:

“Villas Pico de Orizaba, a paradise in the foothills of the highest volcano in Mexico; The Peak of Orizaba. A complex of cabins, activities and incredible panoramic views that we had the opportunity to meet in this production of Express Mexico Studio.”