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Laax to Berghaus Nagens


Extremely steep climb to Flims Laax Falera ski resort

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Climb Summary

Laax to Berghaus Climb Summary


Start of steepest kilometer starts at 600 m (13.8%)

This is a climb from Laax  (pop. 1,755, 2017) to the Berghaus Nagens restaurant and ski chalet high up in the Flims Laax Falera ski resort

We leave Laax in a few hundred meters and from that point we are on our own, surrounded by forest most of the way until we rise above tree line at km 6.7 and  1900 meters. There are no houses or cafes until a few kilometers from the summit where there is a small mountain cafe where food and water can be had.


Leave town after a few hundred meters.


Several hairpins on the climb - this at km 3.3 heading into 12% grade.


View south 1 km from the top - 2000 m - above treeline.

The road is paved and fairly smooth all the way up to the summit with very little traffic.