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1 of 3 top Italian climbs near Bolzano Bozen

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

PJAMM will ride and document this climb in June, 2018.  We have contacted several Strava members who have ridden this climb and received mixed reviews - we shall see!

Philipp Kozalla Hey, we did this tour with a road bike and it was really good. The street up the hill after Bozen is really tough but possible with low gears. When do you want to do this tour?  

Philipp - Yeahh the Jesinerstraße in Bolzano is on your map. Keep in mind that there are two Jesinerstaßen. The old one has a much higher slope than the new road. Therefore we did the old road ;)

Georg Werner Hallo, questo percorso non é adatto alle bici da strada. Quasi tutto sterrato e tanto singltrek impegnativo. Ciao  (Hallo, this route is not suitable for street bikes. Almost all tricky and so demanding singletrek. Hello)