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Alpe de Siat


An untested climb - PJAMM will chart in summer 2018

Page Contributor(s): Ties Arts, Netherlands

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

Contributed to by Ties Arts


We hesitated to add this climb because of varying (mostly negative) input on our ability to achieve the segment on a road bike, but at our World Climb List collaborator’s strong preference we have included it and will give the climb a go in July, 2018.  Here’s our dialog on the climb:

John: “Siat is not achieved via road bike I do not think – too much gravel for Top 100 – I got input from Michaiel Van Lonkhuyzen on that.”

Ties:  “ Alpe de Siat: what was Michiel van Lonkhuyzen his response, the climb is on his site and only the last 2km are unpaved (though  steep)?”  

Strava input:

“Michiel Van Lonkhuyzen:  Hello, Alp da Riein is fully paved except for the last 200m. The pavement above Siat ends at about 1550 m altitude. Above there is not really suited for a road bike. See also,  and “

We shall see!