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Ax 3 Domaines


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Climb Summary

Climb Summary


Steepest kilometer begins at km 3.3 (11.3%)

Climb beings in Ax-le-Thermes (population 1,244, 2012) and ends at Station de Ski Pyrenees Ax Domaines 8 kilometers up the road at an average grade of 8.2%.   PJAMM will ride and document this climb in August, 2018 (we climbed, but did not document this challenging ride in 2013).

Wikipedia notes of this location:

“Ax 3 Domaines is a winter sports resort situated in the commune of Ax-les-Thermes, departement of Ariège, in France. Since 2001, the climb to the ski station has been used as a stage finish in the Tour de France cycle race.
On 6 July 2013, the eighth stage of the Tour de France finished in the resort at an altitude of 1,375 m (4,511 ft).” 

The tour has visited Ax 3 Domaines 5 times beginning in 2001.