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Tizi 'n Tichka


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Tizi 'n Tichka

Page Contributor(s): Helmuth Dekkers, Oisterwijk, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

Here is an excellent summary of the Tizi ‘n Tichka climb by a BIG Cycling member Eric Lucas  https://app.luminpdf.com/viewer/MYu3YbWLsBa8Tk8hv .  

In regards to the linked summary, Helmuth Dekkers writes:

“Attached is a good description of the Tizi 'n Tichka climb that another BIG member wrote.
There is only 1 mistake in it, the picture with the hairpins on page 1 is not part of Tizi 'n Tichka it is located in the Dades Gorge and this is a beautiful part to look at but the actual climbing is only 1.6 km at 7% (see attached GPX based on when we drove by car to these hairpins).”


Thank you Helmuth