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Luther Pass East


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Climb Summary

Cycling Luther Pass East

Ride 8.3 miles gaining 2,50’ at 4.7% average grade.

Warning - the first 5.6 miles of this bike climb is on very busy Hwy 88 which connects Reno/Hwy 395 with northwestern parts of California.  Once we turn onto Hwy 89 to Luther Pass and South Lake Tahoe, the traffic eases a bit and the ride is more pleasant.  Luther Pass climb shares its first 5.6 miles with the Carson Pass climb.

Pass over the West Fork of the Carson River at mile 3.

Pass Sorenson’s Resort at mile 4.5

Great place to stay and wonderful cafe.

Turn onto Hwy 89 at mile 5.6

Made it!

Sign as we enter Hwy 89 from South Lake Tahoe