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This is one of the lesser known of several Swiss Top 100 World Bike Climbs

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

Galm is another exceptional Swiss bike climb in the World Top 50.  PJAMM will climb and document Galm in June, 2018.  We have confirmed with several Strava members who have ridden this climb that it can be done on a road bike:

Sylvain G Hi John, yes the road is paved and I rode it on a road bike, it is a beautiful climb. I see that we share an interest in finding the toughest ascents - there are a few other good ones in the area that you haven't ranked yet : )

Sylvain Garde - Regarding Galm I had à look at the stats again, I did not remember it being so hard (probably bécause I took it easy) but it is definitely one of the toughest around !

Aldo Nuenlist Hi, yes I think it was no problem. Greeting Aldo

Nicholas Woollacott Hi John, There are 2 short gravel sections (approximately 100m each) near the top of the 'Glam' climb otherwise the road surface is good tarmac. I used a road bike with no problems - Just remember to cool the jets on the downhill before you hit the gravel sections!

Billy Burns It's paved John road ....good for road bike 🚴

Thomas Terrettaz Yes perfect for a road bike!

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