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Hogpen Gap East


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Climb Summary

Cycling Hogpen Gap - Photo by Transmist.flickr 

The Hogpen Gap climbs are along Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway and end at the Appalachian Trail which crosses our path at the Gap. These bike climbs are in the Blue Ridge Mountain subrange of the Appalachian Mountains and are in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest (866,468 acres established in 1936).

Hogpen Gap is the most difficult climb in the 103.8 mile/11,230 vertical feet  6 Gap Century (Neels Gap, Hogpen Gap, Unicoi GBap, Jack’s Gap, Wolfpen Gap, and Woody Gap).

Hogpen Gap West

Ride 2.2 miles to 3,452’ gaining 1,235’ at 10.5% average grade.

Steepest ½ mile begins at mile .5 and is 11.6%

Hogpen Gap East

Steepest ½ mile begins at mile 3 and is 11.4%

Ride 6.4 miles to elevation 3,452’ gaining 2,081’ at 5% average grade.