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Grosser Speikkogel


The hardest bike climb in Austria.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Grosser Spiekkogel - view of valley and sky

Cycling Grosser Spiekkogel

Ride 15.6 kilometers gaining 1,668 meters at 10.6% averager grade

Grosser Spiekkogel collage

We are sad to report that this climb may not be open to bicycles anymore as of June, 2018.  Here is a report from a PJAMM contributor on that point

We were on this climb yesterday but were told to turn around a couple of hundred height meters below the summit. The road beyond the gate is closed to bikes. There is a no vehicles sign and we were politely told that this includes bikes. Hikers are welcome. This is not a legal ride.

I'm attaching a picture of the sign. Let me know if it doesn't come through.  It doesn't seem to be attaching. It's the international no vehicles sign but we assumed it only meant cars. Two men and a van chased us up the MTN and stopped us on the climb. I didn't see any official markings but they obviously got through the locked gate. Also, there were some workers on the road who got their equipment out of the way and let them drive past as soon as they saw them, so I assumed they had some authority. They were very polite but insistent that the road was only open to hikers and not to cars or bikes. They said we were trespassing. Pretty disappointing to grind to within a couple hundred meters of the summit and get turned around.”  Submitted by Bryant Robbins


That damn sign!

With that caveat, here is our report:

At 9.7 miles with an average grade of 10.6% and Fiets Index of 18.39, this is the most difficult climb in Austria and a World Top 10.  The climb is very scenic and ends at an aircraft detection radar tower.  Grosser is “great” in German and this truly is a great climb!  


Great views along the climb  


Radar station at the top


The road is excellent and with very little traffic.  There is a gate at mile 7 that you must go under or over, but we saw no indication that it was not acceptable to ride your bike up the last 2.7 miles (at 10.2% average grade!) to the top.



As of October 2017 116 Strava members had hopped the gate to do the climb.