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Wintergreen Drive


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Wintergreen Drive

Page Contributor(s): Dan Razum, Campbel, CA, USA.

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Climb Summary

Wintergreen Climb Summary


Mile 3.2 - stay right.

Write up by PJAMM’s Dan Razum, Campbell, CA, USA:

The climb starts about 1 mile after the intersection of Rt 664 with Rt 151.



The climb starts out gently alongside a creek. The gradient picks up and gets steeper near the cutoff to Wintergreen Drive (banner photo, above). After the cutoff the road enters a forest and there are some steep sections. There is a good view partway up, you can see the upper part of Rt 664, above Wintergreen Drive, going up to Blue Ridge Parkway.  

Houses start to appear as you continue climbing, there is a fairly large community around the resort and ski area at the top of the mountain.

About a mile before the top Wintergreen Drive goes to the left in a short steep section.  However, you can bear
to the right on Mountain Inn Loop if you want to avoid the steep section. Mountain Inn Loop comes around to meet
Wintergreen Drive again after the steep section.  More importantly however, there is a store on Mountain Inn Loop
where you can buy drinks and snacks and replenish water.

Back on Wintergreen Drive, a little ways after the store, there is an overlook with nice views of the valley
and the ski slopes. The overlook is midway through a steep section, so it is definitely tempting to stop and
take in the views.

Shortly after the overlook you reach the high point of Wintergreen Drive.  However, it is not the top of the
mountain.  You can turn left and continue climbing on Devil's Knob Loop for about a half a mile.

Top of Wintergreen climb, continue up Devil's Knob for additional climbing.

The crest of Devil's Knob Loop is at the intersection with Fern Ct.  

View for overlook on Devil's Knob. Rt 664 and Blue Ridge Parkway are visible.

Bonus: Instead of returning the way you came, you can continue on Devil's Knob Loop, which turns into Laurel
Springs Drive. Follow Laurel Springs Drive for about a mile and a half and there will be a small path on the
left. The path is just before a sign that says road ends in 0.5 mile. The path is not rideable, you have to walk
your bike over some stones and logs but after a couple hundred yards it comes out on Blue Ridge Parkway. You can
then ride Blue Ridge Parkway back to Rt 664 and descend back to rt 151. If you can walk a couple hundred yards
in your bike shoes this little side trip is well worth it, there are some beautiful sweeping views along Blue
Ridge Parkway.


Rock Point Overlook on Blue Ridge Parkway.

The road surface is good throughout the entire ride. But there is little to no shoulder and there is a moderate
amount of traffic, due to all the houses and condos around Wintergreen Resort.  However, the traffic we
encountered was slow and courteous and the ride felt safe the whole way.