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Chinook Pass


Climb along the eastern slopes of Mt. Rainier, the highest peak in Washinton

Page Contributor(s): Bruce Hamilton/Stacy Topping, USA

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Climb Summary

Cycling Chinook Pass, Washington - snow covered Mt. Rainier as seen from the road on Chinook Pass

Cycling Chinook Pass, Washington

Ride 12.5 miles gaining 3,206’ at 4.8% average grade.

This is a wonderfully scenic bike climb in northern Washington, 90 miles southeast of Tacoma and within ten miles of Mt. Rainier at locations along the climb. Mount Rainier is in the Cascade Subrange of the Pacific Coast Mountain Range.

Cycling Chinook Pass, Washington - photo collage, Mt. Rainier from afar with reflection in water, cyclist riding next to road sign for 410 East, person looking over rock formation down on road far below, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner

Route 410 traveling through Chinook Pass is also known as the Chinook Scenic Byway, and is considered one of the most beautiful routes in the United States.  The summit of Chinook Pass is above the treeline, so there are many opportunities to stop along the roadway to see incredible scenery.  Chinook Pass also holds the east entrance to Mount Rainier National Park, so this portion of the road is closed to commercial vehicles, making this area even more popular for summer tourists.  The road is typically closed from November to May, due to its high elevation making it at risk for avalanche danger (Chinook Pass).

Cycling Chinook Pass, Washington - Seattle skyline as seen from Kerry Park in northwest Seattle, Mt. Rainier seen in the distance

Mt. Rainier as seen from northwest Seattle looking southeast.