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Mt. Constitution


Beautiful views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca from this island climb

Page Contributor(s): Bruce Hamilton LaQuinta, CA, USA and Stacy Topping, Tacoma, WA, USA; William Meredith, Seattle, WA

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Climb Summary

Cycling Mt. Constitution, Orcas Island, Washington

Ride 4.8 miles gaining 1,840’ at 7.3% average grade.

View of Mount Baker from Mt. Constitution Observation Tower.

Mt. Constitution is the highest point in the Orcas Island (largest of the San Juan Islands at the far northwestern tip of the US).  From the observation tower atop Mt. Constitution, visitors have magnificent 360 degree views that include Mount Baker (northeast), the North Cascades Mountain Range (east), and other islands of the San Juan Archipelago (consisting of over 400 islands, 128 of them named) including clockwise from the northwest Waldron, Cypress, Blakely, Decatur, Lopez, Shaw, and San Juan Islands.

Mt. Constitution Observation Tower

Photo: Wikipedia.

The observation tower is accessed from the parking lot at the top of the climb by a short gravel path.  There is a gift shop and learning center located in the observation tower.

This climb is located entirely within Moran State Park (5,000+ acres, established 1921) which was donated to Washington State by shipbuilder Robert Moran.

How to Get to Orcas Island:  The primary and most scenic mode of travel to Orcas Island is via the Washington State Ferry from Anacrotes, WA.  The fee for one person and standard vehicle is $10 each direction as of August 2019.

Seattle State Ferry from Anacrotes to Orcas Island.

Photo:  Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce.


Bruce and Stacy at the hairpin, mile 2.3 (about half-way).


Bruce, Stacy, and Bob adjacent Observation Tower, Mt. Baker in background.

Celebrating Bob’s 76th birthday: 76 miles, 7,600’ of climbing (guess how many next year?? 😉).