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Page Contributor(s): Ard Oostra, Switzerland; Joe Bachman, San Diego, California, USA

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Climb Summary

Doi Suthep Temple at the 11 kilometer mark of the climb. 

Summary by Ard Oostra, Switzerland (January 2018):

Thank you Ard. 

This is one of the most popular climbs for cyclists in Thailand due to its proximity to Chiang Mai and its wide (two lanes up, one lane down) and mild gradient road. You may see a variety of cyclists, from the occasional climber to professional national teams along the way.

Otherwise the road is mainly used by tourists (many minibuses and taxis) wanting to visit the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Monastery half way up, and higher up the Bhubing Palace. The road section that is beyond the Palace is small, steep and at places the surface is in poor condition.


Looking down at the Village of Doi Pui.

Doi Pui Village.

In the lower and mid sections there are panoramic views over Chiang Mai region, at the higher parts there are at some points openings in the lush green vegetation and one can see the surrounding mountain land in western and northern directions.


Built in 1961, Bhubing Palace (also called Phuping Palace, and officially named Phra Tamnak Phu Phing) is the royal family’s winter residence in Chiang Mai, where they stay when visiting the Northern part of Thailand. There is also a guesthouse on the property, where the royal family hosts dignitaries and other State visitors.  Since the palace grounds themselves aren’t open to the public, the main highlight of visiting the palace is the royal rose garden, where temperate flowers not common to Thailand grow in multitudes.  The flowers vary throughout the year, but a great time to visit is monsoon season, when the colorful orchids are blooming.  In addition to roses and orchids, visitors can also expect to see ferns, camellias, and giant bamboo (Phuping Palace).  The building, sitting on stilts, is built in the architectural style ruean mu, meaning “group of houses,” a style typical of central Thailand (Bhubing Palace).  More information on visiting the palace can be found here.


Bike climb of Doi Inthanon - Doi Inthanon - Princess Sirindhorn Neutron Monitor - cyclist at sign with bike

Landing in Chiang Mai at sunset May 9, 2019.


We LOVE Thailand, and the greatest guide any cyclists travelling to a foreign country could ever hope for.

Doi (mountain in Thai) Inthanon was the middle climb of our whirlwind sweep through Asia – our first stop was Mt. Fuji, Japan (four routes), second stop was Doi Inthanon (with Doi Suthep and Doi Pui as a Thailand bonus), and finishing with Wuling Pass, Taiwan (three routes to the summit).

Bicycling climb of Wuling Pass East - PJAMM Cycling and our driver Simon 


Lunch venue on our Doi Pui/Doi Suthep climb day.