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Emigrant Pass West


Overlaps the first 15 miles of Top 100 US Climbs Wildrose Road

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Climb Summary


Cycling Emigrant Pass East and West - from the East this is a Top 100 US bike climb.

From the east (Stovepipe Wells) ride ride 22.8 miles gaining 5,367’ to elevation 5,316’ at 4.4% average grade.  

Emigrant Pass East

Emigrant Pass North begins in Stovepipe Wells, CA and is an extremely remote climb in Death Valley . The first several miles of this climb seem almost flat and we are definitely in an arid, desert-like setting. We begin to climb into more mountainous, yet barren, landscape around miles 7 and 8. As of October, 2014, there was water at the 9 mile point at Emigrant Campground. There is very little vegetation along this climb and no trees. As with most Death Valley climbs, the views are, not surprisingly, very stark and desert to high desert-like.



After riding 9.3 miles and just after passing Emigrant Campground, turn left onto Emigrant Canyon Road (9.3 miles at 4.5% average grade and 2,187' climbed to this point).  The next 7.6 miles are initially through a canyon and then into open upper desert space to the end point at Emigrant Pass.


Incredible canyon we ride through on our way to the pass.

We really mistimed this climb.

Doing 10 Death Valley Climbs in 4 days was a bit much!


Note to stupid self - always bring lights!

 Be careful on this one as there is no support anywhere along the climb and, while you will encounter traffic along Hwy 190 up to the Emigrant Canyon Road turn off, you may not see another soul after that.


No way I am doing that Peter!


Spiders seriously creep me out!

We also saw a herd of mules and coyote along this climb.

Weather: Do NOT attempt these climbs in the summer when the average​ high temperatures range from 101-116 between May and September. (See Weather summary, below, for more details.

 Traffic and Roadway report:  As of October, 2014, the roadway surface was excellent throughout this ride but there is minimal to no shoulder and traffic can zoom by at highway speeds.   Traffic after the turn off at Emigrant Canyon Road is effectively nonexistent.

You just never know who you’ll meet in Death Valley . . . .

Steepest ¼ mile starts at mile 15.2 (9.1%) and steepest mile at 3.9 (6.6%)

Death Valley Weather

Emigrant Pass West

Climb begins on Wildrose Road (closed to autos)

This climb overlaps the first 15 miles of the Wildrose Road/Charcoal Kiln climb. At mile 9.7 turn left onto Emigrant Canyon Road, then travel roughly another 6 miles to the high point of the climb then another mile to the pass sign.  This is a very remote climb without any provisions, so plan accordingly.  The Wildrose Road stretch of the climb is along a road in general disrepair while the last 6 miles on Emigrant Pass are along a roadway that is in very good shape.