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Bogus Basin


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Bogus Basin

Page Contributor(s): Bruce Hamilton, La Quinta, CA, USA; Stacy Topping, Tacoma, WA, USA.

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Climb Summary


Cycling Bogus Basin -

Ride 13.7 miles gaining 3,505’ at 4.5% average grade.

Climb summary by PJAMM’s Bruce Hamilton:

This climb starts just a mile or so from downtown Boise and only a couple of miles from the Capitol building itself.

 This bike climb becomes rural pretty quickly and the grade is steady but never steep. Wide open views until near the end when you reach the pine trees. Many locations offer nice views of town and the switchbacks of the road below. The top is Bogus Basin ski area – nice plaza there to enjoy refreshments during the summer months. On a summer weekend you’ll see many cyclists as this is the go-to ride for anyone in Boise who likes to climb by bike.

Bruce at mile 6.2 - about half way there.

Stacy at the end of the climb.

Bogus Basin Ski Resort

That’s a wrap- Thank you Bruce and Stacy!!