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Butterfield Canyon


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Climb Summary

Cycling Butterfield Canyon

Ride 6.6 miles gaining 2,30’ to 7,660’ at 6.4% average grade.

View east to Salt Lake City from the finish.

Summary by PJAMM friend and contributor Bruce Hamilton.

This climb starts southwest of Salt Lake City and is right next to the largest open pit mine in the world.  The views initially are dominated by the tiered walls of the mine but soon give way to trees and a canyon.  


Kennecott Copper Mine

Photo:  TourofUtah.com

This is not a long climb and the first few miles are easy. The second half of this climb is steep with several sections of extended climbing at 15-16%. The early part of this climb has trees on both sides of the road but the upper half provides wide open views of the canyon and the Salt Lake Valley.

The road becomes quite narrow and there are many places with gravel and dirt strewn across the road. This road is an out and back to nowhere so there are not many cars out there but the road is so narrow that passing a car is tight. Take low gears for this one.

The paved road tops out at 7700 feet but if you ride on a mountain bike or gravel bike with big tires, you could ride the dirt road up to the top to 9000 feet and the Bingham Mine Overlook.

Top of the climb

Thanks Bruce!!

Continue on to the overlook - gravel or mountain bike recommended

Copper Pit Overlook.

Photo:  Alltrails.com