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Loveland Pass South


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Page Contributor(s): Mike Persellin, Robbinsdale, MN, USA

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Climb Summary

Cycling Loveland Pass South

Ride 8.5 miles gaining 2,652’ at 5.9% average grade.

Climb report by ike Persellin, Robbinsdale, MN, USA

Loveland South has two faces, really.  From the start at Keystone resort, it’s a uninteresting, steady 5-7% for five miles up to the ski resort of Arapahoe Basin.  Then, after a sweeping S-turn, you’re into beautiful alpine meadows and pines until another two S-turns take you above the tree line and past a couple of small icy-looking lakes to the finish.  The summit sign and the piles of snow and ice remind you that you are now at 12,003 feet.  It’s cold up there, so bring your warmers.  There are expansive views in several directions.  The climb is not difficult - the grade is steady and never makes it into double digits.  There is very little traffic on U.S. 6, just the occasional tanker truck not allowed through the Loveland Tunnel below; the pavement is excellent; and there is a good shoulder.  Like almost all the climbs in this part of Colorado, you start above 9,000 feet, so altitude is an issue.