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Monarch Pass East


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Page Contributor(s): Christopher Jacobs, Byers, CO, USA

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Climb Summary

Cycling Monarch Pass East, Colorado - NPS Sign for San Isabel National Forest, forested hillsides along two-lane roadway

Cycling Monarch Pass East, Colorado

Ride 11.3 miles gaining 3,128’ to elevation 11,312’ at 5.2% average grade.

Monarch Pass is located on the Continental Divide at 11,312’ and is at the southern end of the Sawatch Mountain Range of the Rocky Mountains. The grade of the climb is a fairly steady 5-8%, with the steepest quarter-mile at 9.2% at mile five.

Cycling Monarch Pass East, Colorado - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, signs for Monarch Mountain and Monarch Crest, Continental Divide, runaway truck ramp along roadside, stretch of straight, two-lane roadway, views of moutainsides

While this is a great climb and the roadway has a wide shoulder, you are effectively riding on a freeway (Highway 50) with big trucks and cars whizzing by at high speed.  We do not recommend this climb for that reason.

Cycling Monarch Pass East, Colorado - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, signs for Monarch Pass Summit, Elevation 11,312 Feet, bike parked along roadside near evergreen trees

Cycling Monarch Pass East, Colorado - Cyclist Chris Jacobs standing with bike in front of NPS Monarch Pass Continental Divide sign

July 1, 2018: Our friend Chris Jacobs of Byers, Colorado.

Chris was seriously injured when hit by a hit and run driver on Loveland Pass July 2020.

Be well Chris and speedy recovery.