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Lago del Naret


A number of beautiful mountain lakes along the climb

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary


Photo by - Narets 


Steepest kilometer starts at km 24.2 (13%)

Several beautiful lakes at the top section of this climb.

PJAMM will document this climb in August, 2018.  Until then, Strava member input in response to (a) is it paved and (b) can it be ridden on a road bike:

Damiano Rossini - Hi, it's the road that leads to Naret Lake, it's all paved and you can do it by road bike

Stefano Righetti - Hello John, Yes it is completely paved. Until Fusio less traffic. Road has 2 tracks. From the lake almost no Cars, road has 1 track. Very steep. Meteo is always Tricky and cold on top. Choose a Perfect day. Wonderful and Magnificent scenery on top. Go for it! Stefano  

Matteo Frigerio - Hi, the segment is all about asphalt. You do everything in bdc. Go easy...

Neil Robinson "Yes, it is paved all the way and can be safely ridden on a road bike. It is a wonderful climb, enjoy!"