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Cherohala Skyway (North Carolina)


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Cherohala Skyway (North Carolina)

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Climb Summary

Cycling Cherohala Skyway National Scenic Byway from the North Carolina side

Ride 17.9 miles gaining 3,411’ at 2% average grade (many rollers and descents).

Warnings on the way to and at the start of the climb.

This is a magnificent ride, particularly from the North Carolina side.  On this ride, like the Blue Ridge Parkway, we have many great viewpoints from which we have excellent views of the surrounding Unicoi Mountains which are a subrange of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  

Climb begins in North Carolina at a well marked location.

Information board at the start of the ride.

The Cherohala Skyway is relatively new having been built in 1996.  The full route from the start in North Carolina to the finish in Tellico Plains Tennessee is 42 miles.

Views along the ride.


First Viewpoint

Hooper Cove elevation 3100’, mile 1.9

Second Viewpoint

Shute Cove elevation 3550’, Mile 3.1

Third Viewpoint

Obadiah elevation 3740’, mile 4

Fourth Viewpoint

Wright Creek elevation 4146’, mile 5.5

Fifth Viewpoint

Huckleberry elevation 5300’, mile 9.2

Sixth Viewpoint

Hooper Bald elevation 5290’, mile 10.1

Seventh Viewpoint

Santeetlah elevation 5390’, mile 11

Eighth Viewpoint

Big Junction elevation 5240’ mile 11.7

Ninth Viewpoint

Haw Knob elevation 4890’, mile 12.9

Tenth Viewpoint

Stratton Ridge elevation 4420’, mile 15.8

Eleventh and last viewpoint.

Unicoi Crest elevation 4470’, mile 17.8


The finish is at Beech Gap and the Tennessee/North Carolina border.

When we were here in October, 2020 there was no Tennessee border sign.

Roadway surface and Traffic:  The roadway surface is excellent.  There is generally no shoulder and moderate traffic on this roadway but it feels like a safe ride.