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Rte 44 East


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Rte 44 East

Page Contributor(s): Dan Razum, Campbell, CA, USA

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Climb Summary

Rte 44 East Climb Summary


Red barn just before start of climb

Rt 44 has rolling terrain for about 1/2 mile after it's intersection with Rt 554. The climb starts just past
a large barn, where the road dips to the bottom of a small gully.  You pass some houses and then enter the forest
on the mountain.

Enter the forest about ½ mile from start of climb.

 The road is 2 lanes and fairly wide, with a decent shoulder most of the way although the shoulder
disappears in some spots. The pavement is in good condition and there are no sharp turns, which makes for a nice


Great road and smooth fairly straight descent.

Thanks to our friend Dan Razum for the photos and write-up for this climb!

There is some light traffic but the road feels safe, you aren't too crowded to the side when cars pass.

Halfway up the climb you can glimpse the valley below through the trees, but there isn't any open area where you
get a really nice view.  The last section near the top kicks up fairly steeply but after that you're finished, so
you can push hard and rest at the top.  There is a large parking area at the top, where there is a trailhead for
hiking.  If you continue a couple hundred yards past the summit there is a small area with a nice view of the
valley on the other side.  It's worth riding the extra distance to take in the view.


Parking lot at the top.


View back down to the valley below.

It is a nice little climb, starting in rolling farmland at the bottom and ending in the forest at the top.