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Piani Superiore from Tavagnasco


A mere 6 miles/10km but with a pitch to challenge the best of us - do not bring your racing cassette for this one!

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

This is a little known yet very challenging Top 20 Italian road bike climb. Tavagnasco was included in the 2016 4 stage Valle d’Aosta Tour (Stage 3).  The average grade for this climb is a eye catching 11% and there are definitely sections that well exceed that - right out of the gate we average 13.3% for .7 miles / 1.1 km.  By our count, there are approximately 30 tornanti (switchbacks) on this brief climb - quite a high concentration and a testament to the steepness of the mountain the road ascends.

While we would not recommend traversing Italy to do this climb (as we would for such icons as Stelvio, Gavia and Zoncolan), Tavagnasco is only 35 miles /58 km from the start of the incomparable Colle del Nivolet and if you have travelled Italy or the world to climb Nivolet (which is justified), consider taking on Tavagnasco while you are in the area.

IMG_9544.JPG     IMG_9547.JPG                 

             Heading towards the start on Via Tavagnasco                                            Yes!  Let’s DO this . . . .

IMG_9549.JPG   IMG_9577.JPG

                                                                 Interesting surroundings along the climb          


                                                            Well, we are not going to bicker with that assessment!

IMG_9607.JPG     IMG_9586.JPG

The road pitches up to 20% in spots


    IMG_9622.JPG     IMG_9663.JPG

                 This is a Steeeeeeep mountain!                           Breathtaking views north of the SS 26 corridor


IMG_9730.JPG     IMG_9731.JPG

                             The only flat spot on the ride - that’s when you know you’re at the end of the climb 

Steepest climb begins at km 2.3 (13.8%)