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Wolfpen Gap East


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Climb Summary

Cycling Wolfpen Gap East

Ride 3 miles gaining 1,037’ at 6.7% average grade.

This climb is part of Georgia’s Six Gap Century and is entirely within Georgia’s revered Vogel State Park (233 acres established 1931 and is one of the two oldest GA state parks).

The climb begins by riding west on Route 180 (Wolfpen Gap Road) from its junction with Route 19/129.

We immediately pass Lake Trahlyta and Vogel State Park Recreation Area.

Vogel State Park is within Chattahoochee National Forest.

The roadway is in good shape and there is minimal traffic on this route.

Views along the first half of the climb

The grade on the climb is very consistent, rarely straying more than a percent above its average.  The steepest ½ mile on the route begins at mile .75 and is 7.7%.

Views and fall colors along the second half of the climb.

We rode the climb during the first week of October, 2020.

Wolfpen Gap is one of the gaps included in  the 103.8 mile/11,230 vertical feet  Six Gap Century (Neels Gap, Hogpen Gap, Unicoi Gap, Jack’s Gap, Wolfpen Gap, and Woody Gap).  A  route map of the Six Gap Century can be found here.

Finish at Wolfpen Gap

That’s a wrap!!