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Col du Soulor - Arrens


Ride from Arrens 7 km or the full boat from Argeles-Gazost at 19.5 km

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Climb Summary

Bike climb of Col du Soulor from Arrens - Col sign

Col du Soulor is located in the northwestern Pyrenees mountain range.  The Col is accessed from the north via the small village of Ferrières on D126, and from the south via Arrens on the busier and wider D918.  The col can also be accessed from Eaux-Bonnes to the west via Col d’Aubisque.


Col du Soulor was first featured in the 1912 Tour de France and has been included many times since then.  The race organizers truly were “assassins” -- as Octavio Lapize uttered on Tourmalet in 1910. TdF’s 1912 Stage 10, Luchon to Bayonne, was just plane gruesome -- 326 km with five cols: Peyresourde, Aspin, Tourmalet, Soulor and Aubisque.   Torturous and unbelievable -- truly!

Climb Col du Soulor from Arrens by bike - sign leaving Arrens

Col du Soulor first appeared in the TdF on Stage 10 1912

Photo - - 1912 Tour de France.

Soulor has not been considered a category climb when it is part of the approach to Col d’Aubisque.  During the post-WWII Tour de France (1947) Soulor has been featured 12 times between 1973 and 2010 and will return in Stage 14 July 20, 2019.  Other than receiving the prominent HC rank in 1982, it has most often been ranked a Cat 1, but for Cat 2 in 2000.  

Col du Soulor -- TdF made it famous and the Vuelta visited in 2016.  

Climb Col du Soulor from Arrens by bike - sign leaving Arrens

7.5 km at 7.9%.

Climb Col du Soulor from Arrens by bike - sign leaving Arrens

KM markers along the route.

Climbing Col du Soulor from Arrens by bike,  roadway and Tour de France sign.

This climb has seen plenty of TdF action.

Bicycle ride up Col du Soulor from Arrens - road sign for Col du Soulor and Col d'Aubisque.

Continue on to Col d’Aubisque -- it’ll be epic -- guaranteed!

Bicycling Col du Soulor from Arrens - col sign at the top with cyclists riding by

There are two restaurants at the top.

Cycling Col du Soulor from Arrens - PJAMM John Johnson with bike at col sign

Steepest kilometer begins at km 6.3 (9%)