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Passo Falzarego - Cortina


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Climb Summary

Passo Falzarego Climb Summary

Passo Falzarego is one of the more famous passes in the Dolomites and has been included in the Giro d’Italia 5 times from 1976 to 2008.  

Gradients from Caprile


1.5 km from the top - just before the tunnel

This is a long climb by Dolomites standards at nearly 20 km at 5.4% average grade.  The scenery along this climb isn’t as spectacular as some of the other Dolomites climbs such as passes (passi) Giau, Pordoi, Gardena and Sella.

Steepest kilometer starts at km 1.3 (7.4%)

Gradients from Cortina

Steepest kilometer starts at km 15.5 (7.3%)