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Passo di Monte Giovo (Jaufenpass)


Extraordinary climb above meadows with fields of flowers framed by rugged and scenic mountains.

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

Wow, Wow, Wow - this is an amazing climb - what a wonderful experience. What doesn’t this climb have?  We have great hairpins (tornantes), excellent views of surrounding mountains, wildflowers, hay fields, short tunnels with great views framed at each end, long and steep and an exceptional cafe/bakery at the top!  

The pass is known as Passo di Monte Giovo in Italian and Jaufenpass in German.  The pass has been included in the Giro d’Italia in 1961 (Stage 20 along with Stelvio and Passo di Pennes; stage won by Charly Gaul), 1994 (stage 14 won by Marco Pantani) and 1995 (stage 14 won by Oliverio Rincon).

The climb is 12 miles, 4,858’ of climbing at 7.3% average grade.  The steepest ¼ mile is 15.47% and steepest mile 9%.

IMG_5096.JPG     IMG_5106.JPG

IMG_5182.JPG     IMG_5058.JPG

IMG_5275.JPG     IMG_5278.JPG

Under the general rule:  You Climb Here, You Eat What You Want . . . helps on the descent, anyway . . .


Steepest kilometer starts at km 5.2 (10.7%)