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Fleet Moss (SW #50)

United Kingdom

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Climb Summary

Cycling Fleet Moss  Simon Warren #50 Greatest Cycling Challenge, Britain aerial drone photo of road, rock wall, rolling hills and GCC 100 logo 


Fleet Moss is the highest road in Yorkshire and #50 of Simon Warren’s Greatest 100 Climbs in Britain (from the north side). The climb is named after an area of moorland to the right just after cresting the hill coming from the north.

Do warm-up before starting this climb as the first 100 meters rise up out of Gayle at 13%.

Bike climb Fleet Moss  Simon Warren #50 Greatest Cycling Challenge, Britain  - narrow road sign and roadway 

Start of climb - 13% for 100 meters.

After climbing a double digit grade for the first 200 meters, the hill loses its bite for the next 1.8 km  which average a mild 1.8% average grade followed by 10% for 2 kilometers and then easing off again for the final kilometer at 4%.

Bicycling climb Fleet Moss  Simon Warren #50 Greatest Cycling Challenge, Britain  - road and fence 

Just before the 16% 300 meter segment at km 3.8.

Other than a handful of farming structures there is nothing but sweeping views of rolling hills after the 400 meter mark of this 5.4 kilometer climb.  Come prepared for a good bit of wind on this wide open stretch of roadway through the northern portion of Yorkshire Dales National Park.

The descent is exceptional - roller coaster fairly straight road that’s exceptionally steep for 1 kilometer stretch about a kilometer down from the top.

Cycling Fleet Moss  Simon Warren #50 Greatest Cycling Challenge, Britain  - bike leaning against steep grade sign; road 

Steep road 1 km down from the top.

The climb begins at the southern edge of the hamlet of Gayle, North Yorkshire, England:

Gayle, originally a farming settlement grew in the late 18th century due to employment in local quarries, coal-mining in Sleddale and in a water-driven cotton mill on Gayle Beck.  Wikipedia - Gayle, North Yorkshire

RoadCyclingUK.com writes of this climb:

“Yorkshire’s highest road is also one of the white rose county’s most iconic climbs, despite the Tour de France missing out Fleet Moss when cycling’s greatest race was in town in 2014.

Where cycling’s elite wouldn’t go up, however, plenty of others have – and the long, exposed climb with an unrelenting average gradient of 8.4 percent is a staple of any cycling trip to the Dales.”  

CyclingUphill.com writes:

Fleet moss from Hubberholme (from the south) is slightly easier than from the north side. The gradient isn’t too steep – 17% at its maximum. However, it is long and persistently hard and is preceded by a long drag from Hubberholme. From Hubberholme to the top of Fleet Moss is 12 km, with total elevation gain of 400 metres. (net gain 240m to 602 metres). Those 12 km are at an average of 3%, but with some downhill thrown into the mix.”

This climb is in the middle of Yorkshire Dales National Park, which attracts over eight million visitors every year.  The park is 50 miles (80 km) north-east of Manchester; Leeds and Bradford lie to the south, while Kendal is to the west, Darlington to the north-east and Harrogate to the south-east.”  Wikipedia - Yorkshire Dales National Park. 

Top things to do in Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Our segment is the steepest section of Fleet Moss south.  The full 12 km ride from Hubberholme is provided via this link to Strava.

Fleet Moss from Gayle (North)


Steepest ½ kilometer begins at km 3.6 (14.5%)

Fleet Moss from Oughtershaw (South)


Steepest ½ kilometer begins at km 1.6 (12%)