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Buschcombe Lane (SW#105)

United Kingdom

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Photo - David P. Howard


Steepest ½ kilometer begins at 400m (18.6%)

Bushcombe Lane option is the choice when climbing Cleeve Hill.  Leave the junction at Station Road exiting the Village at the 25% sign. You’ll be at 20% then hit 25% and at one of the toughest road climbs in the UK you will reach 30% at the apex. https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2012/jul/20/britains-top-10-toughest-cycle-climbs 

Cycling Uphill writes of this monster:

“. . . Recently, I made a wish that I had a compact chainset. Today, a compact was really a necessity rather than just a nice desire. I was really struggling in my bottom gear of 39*25. My cadence and speed was so low, I could almost have done a track stand. (My speed got down to 2.9mph) – which is a cadence of about 23rpm. The hill climb pride, wouldn’t let me stop, so I kept pulling up the 25% slope. Though if the gradient and continued for much longer, I would have had to get off and walk! It was really hard work and a tremendous grovel to make it to the top. I was aching in parts of the body, I hadn’t felt since mid hill climb season. I was relieved the last section of the climb was a bit more manageable. . . .Previously I had assumed if you wanted a real leg breaker, you had to head to the Lake District of Yorkshire, but Bushcombe Lane is up there with Wrynose and Park Rash. I won’t be doing it on a winter hack with lowest gear of 39*25 in a rush.” https://cyclinguphill.com/